Unlocking gold potential in West Africa

Mukuyu Resources is an exploration company that is focused on identifying and developing gold projects in Mali and neighbouring West African countries. The Company targets prospective area for economic gold projects on the Birimian geological formation of West Africa.

Mukuyu Resources’ projects are still at early stages of exploration, the tenements are over the gold rich Birimian geological formation with ideal structural features which focus gold mineralization.

The climate in Mali allows deep weathering profiles of over 50m, which implies easy and cheap open pit mining and free milling processing.

The project areas are also dotted with traditional gold workings.

Our Strategy


Identify exploration gold projects in Mali and neighbouring West African countries with high potential for added value and develop them


Acquire mineral rights


Generate adequate seed capital by selling equity in the project to selected private investors to finance the project development


Utilise the experience and skills of its members to add rapid value to the project, realise this added value by providing an exit strategy through selling equity for cash or tradable shares at the right time and move on to identified new prospective project

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