West Africa Gold

Mali West Gold Province

  • Kedougou-Kenieba Inlier which forms part of the Paleoproterozoic age Birimian Terrane of the West African Craton
  • Proven, well-endowed Gold Province: +40 Moz in gold discoveries
  • 7 producing mines developed since 1998 operated by Anglogold Ashanti, IamGold, Randgold, Endeavour, Terranga Gold (Senegal) and B2Gold
  • With over 1 Moz annual combined production
  • 4.24 Moz Fekola deposit latest discovery by Papillon (B2Gold)

Major Mines in Mali West

  • Luoulo 12.5 Moz Au
  • Goukoto 5.4 Moz Au
  • Sadiola 13.1 Moz Au
  • Yatela 4.5 Moz Au
  • Tabakoto 3 Moz Au
  • Sabodala 2 Moz Au
  • And other smaller mines e.g. Kofi 1.2Moz Au etc

New Discoveries Mali West

  • New big deposits are still being discovered
  • Fekola (Papillion) 4.24 Moz Au